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Béco Dranoff

Co-Founder: Brazil


Béco Dranoff is a Brazilian-American music, events and film producer. Based in New York City since 1988 and recently living back in Sao Paulo, Dranoff has an accomplished career in the music industry – including creative producer of pro-social multi-media production company Red Hot; Grammy™ and Oscar™ nominated projects; label founder; record producer; music supervisor; documentarian and TV series creator; festival curator; online radio host; branded content developer and DJ.

Why are we partnering with Béco?

Brazil is an obvious place to take RockCorps – home to the biggest carnival in the world, the passion for music is in the air of every street. When we connected with Béco, we knew he was the one to get us there. With his deep knowledge and expertise in the Brazilian music scene; passion for social change and expansive network, we can’t wait to samba into Brazil with Béco.


Béco, why did you choose to become a Country Co-Founder?

RockCorps mixes two great passions of mine: music and social change. I've been exposed from early on to the riches of Brazilian music as well as to the hardships and massive social gaps facing this amazingly creative nation. Living in New York for 32 years, I learned about the power of music and art as fundraising and social awareness weapons. Joining the pro-social production company Red Hot Organization in 1994 (and still being an artistic advisor), I've commissioned original tracks from major Pop stars, an amazing experience that forever changed the way I see Pop culture and social issues. As Fela Kuti, the great Nigerian legend used to say: "Music Is The Weapon of the Future'! The future is now.

What excites you about taking RockCorps to Brazil?

Bringing RockCorps to Brazil is totally exciting! This country needs tons of social activism and hundreds of Non-Profits will benefit from the RockCorps model. I feel the concept will be very well accepted by brands and artists, and hopefully we can generate real impact and change things for the better.

Do you anticipate any particular challenges?

As a new concept in this country, I feel it will take a minute to get the RockCorps model across to sponsors, artists and promoters. But, with RockCorps existing track record, the major names that have already participated, plus its solid reputation and know-how, soon we will be able to create large events in Brazil.

What music were you listening to at 16?

At 16, in São Paulo, I had different groups of friends that listened to very specific stuff. I had the 'Brazilian indie-hippie' group that would only listen to MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), then I had the dark electronic friends that would hear Progressive Rock: Floyd, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and Kraftwerk, and I also had the happy Disco friends that would go dancing in Matinées for kids in real clubs - with them I got into tons of Disco and Soul: Barry, Donna, Stevie, Marvin, Earth, Wind & Fire. Oh, of course, Beatles, always and forever!

What was the first concert you ever attended?

The first massive stadium concert I attended was Queen in 1981 when they came for the first time to Brazil to play for 100.000 people at São Paulo's Morumbi Stadium. I managed to sneak to the front of the stage and was blasted away by Queen's mighty sound and light show. Freddie at the peak of his talent! A totally magical and unforgettable night, I was 17 years old!

Béco Dranoff
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