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Brand Partnerships

We partner with brands to change the way people think, feel and act towards them

Audience at gig, hands in the air under yellow Optus logo

Custom Designed

We work with brands on projects that meet their marketing, brand and social purpose objectives – from our flagship Give, Get Given programme to other projects, tailored to the needs of our partners.


Custom programme design? See some of our other projects here.

The 4 Wins

RockCorps is unlike a conventional brand partnership; it's not

win-win - it's a 4 fold win for:


Brand partners - world class marketing communication 

 Non-profits - support for necessary projects for which they could otherwise not afford

 Artists - connecting with their fans in a meaningful way

Young people - developing skills, creating connections, attending the gig of a lifetime

Busta Rhymes wearing RockCorps T-shirt volunteering and painting at Coca Cola RockCorps in South Africa. Two young volunteers smiling at Busta.

Brand Impact

A minimum 3:1 Return On Investment 

What Our Partners Say...

"I think about our team at Boost Mobile, what we did in partnership with RockCorps - we left a legacy.”

Darryl Cobbin, Chief Marketing Officer, Boost Mobile


Partner logo: Orange Mobile
Partner image: Coca Cola
BT purple logo
Partner logo: Optus Mobile
Partner logo: Boost Mobile
Partner logo: B Corp
Channel 4 logo on black
Partner logo: Nationwide
Partner logo: EE
Amazon logo
Partner logo: T Mobile
Partner logo: Lucozade
The FA logo
Partner logo: RFU
Partner logo: ECB
Partner logo: Mars
Partner logo: Bestival
Partner logo: XBox
Diageo logo
Partner logo: Ovo
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