Lincoln Terrace Park
New York City

Alex from Brooklyn joined nearly 200 volunteers and R&B singer, Olivia, to give 4 hours to this important New York City Park.

Lincoln Terrace Park has long been a haven for the people of Brownsville and Crown Heights, Brooklyn. These two communities are among the most dense in Brooklyn, making it one of the most dense places in the Western world. There is a real lack of green space and so, thousands of young and old from the neighborhood use this open space. Due to this heavy use, the facilities have become quite rundown. The park offers wooded groves of old-growth trees, open lawns, two playgrounds, basketball and handball courts, a baseball field and a comfort station for all to use.

The nearly 200 volunteers showed up at 9AM, and by 1PM, they had used more than 40 gallons of paint re-paint handball courts, fences, benches and pillars. They also cleared 2 acres of 150 bags of debris and planted 100 new trees and plants. In the end, the volunteers all celebrated at Radio City Music Hall for the concert of the year. Not a bad morning’s work.