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Work Experience Policy

1. Work Experience 

Work Experience opportunities allow individuals to work with RockCorps for a short period of time to build experience, to  extend their network, and to contribute to our mission.  Work experience is paid in compliance with National  Minimum  Wage legislation.  RockCorps is a Living Wage employer.


2. Work Placements

From time to time, RockCorps may offer the opportunity for work placements to allow individuals to observe our work, and shadow members of the RockCorps team.  Participation in such placements is voluntary,  so it does not entitle participants to a financial reward or benefit in kind for work they perform under the arrangement, and a participant does not have to turn up to the placement if they don’t want to, even if we’ve agreed a time to expect you.  RockCorps does not promise to provide participants with a contract or further work that will be paid.  As volunteers, participants may be reimbursed reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

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