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Over 180,000

volunteers worldwide

Over 720,000

hours volunteered

2013_10_27 Setsing Primary (Thokoza) (4)

Volunteer Impact


The potential of RockCorps is far greater than numbers; it is about inspiring a new generation of volunteers – helping them to change the world

Skills development 

Volunteering at a RockCorps community project helps develop a wide range of life and employability skills, such as:


  • Teamwork


  • Leadership


  • Interpersonal skills


  • Problem solving


  • Passion and enthusiasm


  • Work ethic

Additional benefits

Volunteering has been proven in many studies to increase a person’s mental and physical wellbeing, including an increased sense of happiness, confidence and sense of purpose.

Every day we hear stories of the additional impacts of RockCorps on young people’s lives, in addition to volunteering:

  • RockCorps led to their first job

  • RockCorps unearthed a career in pro-social work 

  • RockCorps let them discover a passion for music and concert

What people say

Lisa, 17 years old

Meeting new people and helping the community is something that I could never picture myself doing, but RockCorps helped me do it. I will never forget it.

Jon, 16 years old

You are doing something - you are like, wow, I am doing something actually for the country, you’re sat there thinking why this has not been done, and actually going out there and doing something. You do realize you have made some kind of difference.

Nick, 23 years old

A special thank you to all at RockCorps. It feels so much better to give something back. I hope the kids love the park's new make-over. The gig was fab!

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