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Karla Nagel & Itziar Gil Olea

Co-Founders: Spain


Karla has over 30 years of cross-sector experience in strategic management. As Co-Producer and Vice President she oversaw at the Celebration of Mexico's Bicentennial in 2010, the largest production in the country's history. Shortly after, Karla became RockCorps Director for Latin America – a project that saw us operating across Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico with 6,500 volunteers, celebrating their hard work with concerts featuring Maroon 5 and The Smashing Pumpkins. Karla has since led many more large-scale cultural events and social initiatives. Karla has founded and runs Kausalia and spent some time living in Spain where she met Itziar.

Itziar is a true powerhouse, she joins us after having spent over 25 years in large international telecommunications (Telefonica) and FMCG across strategy, marketing and digital transformations. Itziar is passionate about positive social change and has spent her career supporting organizations to connect to a larger purpose, crafting a culture of meaning and engagement, increasing performance and making small contributions to make this world a better place.


Why are we partnering with Karla & Itziar?


Karla: We first met Karla when she joined us as Country Director for our RockCorps programme with Diageo in Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela and love working with her – she is passionate, values driven and an all-round amazing person. We were delighted when following Karla’s move to Madrid, she got in touch with a vision for Spain, alongside her good friend Itziar. We can’t wait to get started!

Itziar: We’re excited to be partnering with Itziar. Aligning on values is our first priority. With Itziar’s extensive career within marketing and communications, passion for social purpose and expansive network, we’ve hit the jackpot.  

RockCorps Spain is coming.


Why did you choose to become Co-Founders?

Karla: Working with RockCorps as the Director of Latina America in the past has been one of my most meaningful experiences, not only because the cause speaks to my heart, but the team is amazing! RockCorps has the power to attract authentic and driven professionals.

Itziar: I was introduced by a friend who was the RockCorps country director in Mexico.  It is the concept, but also the team and company culture that I felt attracted to. I’ve been looking for a new challenge with a powerful DNA that connects with my purpose: connectinge different businesses and brands with social purpose, along with generating a change for young people and society.

The overall concept appeals as it is powerful proposition that is easy to communicate.

What excites you about taking RockCorps to Spain?

Karla: Spain is my second home as I am married to a Spaniard. It's just natural for me to want to bring the magic of RockCorps, uniting two passions.

Itziar: There isn’t anything like RockCorps in Spain now.  I  just love to think that we can inspire young people to volunteer through music.

Do you anticipate any particular challenges?

Karla: I have always liked to fight for what I think is meaningful, and the challenges along the way have  always been great lessons - so why not embrace them as opportunities?!

Itziar: I'd rather think about the opportunities. Challenges are all over and I don’t think they are differential from other geographies.


What music were you listening to at 16?

Karla: I was and have to admit still am a bit corny, so I always liked pop and the romantic ballads of Rock bands.

Itziar: I listened to Spanish (Latin-American singers: Pablo Milanes, Silvio Rodriguez, Serrat, Mecano, music but also English: The Police, Sting, Madonna, Queen, Don McLean, Cyndi Lauper (I still have mycollection)and also French music.


What was the first concert you ever attended?

Karla: Coincidentally my first concert was a Spanish group called MECANO

Itziar: I´ve been always close to music. When I was little, (from 5) I loved classical music and I used to attend to concerts in Madrid.  And it wasn’t my first concert, but I have good memories of the U2 concert in Santiago Bernabeu (July 1987): U2, UB40, The Pretenders.


Karla Nagel & Itziar Gil Olea
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