COVID-19: Volunteering in Isolation & Recovery

Some countries are emerging and beginning to rebuild, while other states remain in lockdown, encouraged to practice social distancing and self-isolation at home. You may wonder what this means for your routine volunteering activities. Luckily those who still need help can be reached through many of the local and online volunteering opportunities.


There have been so many great examples of the best of humanity during 2020. We call it the Tsunami of Kindness. There has also been an enormous outpouring in many parts of the world for social and racial justice. Now is the time for civic action and community participation

Caution: Please make sure you are following your local Government’s advice on safety. If your country is still under self-isolation or shelter in place. Then STAY HOME. But, the urge to help is strong and however you can and whenever you can, please do.


Also, make sure you check directly with these volunteer opportunities to make sure their advice is the same as your Government’s advice.


How You Can Help Today



Global Opportunities

UN Volunteers: Online Volunteering


The United Nations Volunteering programme is a way for organisations and volunteers to work together to tackle sustainable development projects. You can become a volunteer today and work on peace and development from the comfort of your home.



Volunteer Match: Volunteer Match host hundreds of virtual volunteer opportunities with a need for over 200,000 volunteers. These opportunities can be found in different areas from education to health which is important more now than ever. Whether you want to help animal life, support children or health workers you can find your way to give back with volunteer match.



United Kingdom

GoodSam NHS: The NHS put a call out for volunteers across the UK and have now had over 750,000 applications. Recruitment has been paused due to the overwhelming response, but you can check out some of the other ways to get involved below.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK: Find a local group to help support a community. COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers working with local community groups to provide resources and connect people to groups close to them.

FareShare: FareShare is the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. They save good food from going to waste and redistribute it to frontline charities. Join them to help get food to vulnerable people.

British Red Cross: You can also donate to the National Emergencies Trust or volunteer at the red cross to help your local area during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Trussel Trust: Supporting a nationwide network of food banks and providing emergency food & support to people locked in poverty. The Trussel Trust campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK. They currently aim to relieve the immediate pressure of the coronavirus crisis by providing food as well as additional support that people may face.

Do It: You can start volunteering today and find numerous opportunities to help others that are posted by different companies on Do It to become a coronavirus responder.

The London School of Economics and Political Science: have shared a list of opportunities for volunteers to help out in London including The Felix Project who help to distribute food that would otherwise go to waste.

Dare to Care Packages: In London, Dare To Care Packages are sending packages of supplies to those in self-isolation who are most vulnerable. They collect donated essentials placed in care packages that are sent to your neighbours and loved ones in isolation. Go to their website to find out how to donate resources or become a volunteer.

United States


Red Cross: Blood is still needed for many patients and you can donate yours with American Red Cross.


New York Cares: You can register your interest in COVID-19 relief with New York Cares and send resources to those who are most in need at this crucial time.

Houston Food Bank: The Houston Food Bank is essential to keeping people fed and with COVID-19 their service can only become more essential. Donate to the Houston Food Bank or volunteer and help provide COVID-19 relief.


Hands on Atlanta: On their website, Hands On Atlanta have provided a list list of ways for you to volunteer from home including the Be My Eyes program, which allows you to help the visually impaired through an app on your phone.


L.A. Works: Through L.A. Works you can find opportunities for volunteering to help those in hunger and or homeless. There are also ways for you to volunteer from home through virtual volunteering and social connection projects such as phone reassurance for the socially isolated.


As the State of Emergency is lifted, please continue to follow all government advice in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. 
There are those in need of help. We listed opportunities of contribution outside the RockCorps Japan program. Make sure you check the individual NPO and the activity yourself, and also don’t undertake any activity that is not in accordance with government advice.

助けを必要とされている方々がいる中、RockCorps Japanでは直接関係ありませんが、社会貢献に関する情報を掲載いたしました。各団体や活動については、皆さんが自ら内容をチェックし、政府要請に従っていることを確認した上で注意して参加してください。

Second Harvest: If you’re in Japan, Second Harvest will need all the help they can get to deliver more food to the people that need it.


Akai Hane: Central Community Chest of Japan: Central Community Chest of Japan help disabled, elderly, children and disaster victims through different types of support. You can make a difference by donating to them online.


Save the disabled from virus: Japan platform distributes medical and sanitary goods to families with disabled people and facilities that serves them.



Support making medical facilities: Nippon Foundation is renovating its facilities such as the Museum of Maritime Science to provide 10,000 clinic beds for patients with mild cases of COVID19.



Send masks to places in need in and outside Japan: The Murakami Fund will match your donation to help Peace Winds Japan send masks to medical and welfare institutes.



Help prevent the virus spread in the refugee camps and areas of conflict: Plan International is running sanitary programs in medically vulnerable countries such as Jordan, Ghana and Honduras.



Je Veux Aider: The French government have started an initiative Je Veux Aider (I want to help) where you can sign up and find local associations in need. You will find missions to help others such as talking to the elderly, food distribution and babysitting. -
Le gouvernement français à lancer la plateforme Je Veux Aider où vous pouvez vous inscrire pour être mis en contact avec des associations locales en manque de volontaires. Vous y trouverez des missions tels que la distribution de nourriture, l’accompagnement de personne vulnérable et de la garde d’enfants.

En première ligne: On En première ligne health professionals can ask for groceries to be bought for them or find a volunteer to look after their children.


Cette plateforme permet de vous mettre en relation avec des personnels soignants qui ont besoin d’aide pour faire leurs courses ou garder leurs enfants pendant qu’ils sont au travail.

Airbnb France: If you have an empty apartment, you can lend it to health professionals through Airbnb. This could help nurses them a safe place to sleep whilst the Hospitals fill with patients.


Si vous avez un appartement vide à proximité d’un hôpital cette plateforme vous permet de le prêter aux professionnels de santé pour leurs éviter de prendre les transports en commun durant cette période de crise.


OzHarvest: In Australia, OzHarvest are calling for as much help as possible to support the demand for their services and ensure everyone gets fed. Donate to OZHarvest and help them fight hunger today!

The Salvation ArmyThere is an expected rise in demand for the Salvation Army’s services in Australia with COVID-19. They are still supporting Australians coping with poverty, drought and the recent bushfires, but you can do your part by making a donation their website. Check their full Coronavirus response linked here.


Un Kilo De Ayuda: In Mexico, Un Kilo De Ayuda are always looking for volunteers to support their work with children aged 0-5 in rural communities and to prepare for the impact COVID-19 will have in those regions.​


En México, Un Kilo De Ayuda está siempre en busca de voluntarios para dar apoyo a su trabajo con niños de edades entre 0 y 5 ańos en comunidades rurales, y preparar esas regiones para el impacto de Covid-19


Cruz Roja Mexicana (Cruz Roja Mexicana): The Mexican Red Cross are looking to sign up more volunteers as they get prepared to manage COVID-19.


La Cruz Roja Mexicana está buscando más voluntarios inscritos para preparar la respuesta ante el Covid-19


Click on each flag to find opportunities to support those that need you most.