Become a volunteer

Give your 4 hours in one of our countries. More are coming online, but in the meantime, earn your ticket in your neighborhood. See you at the concert!

  • Australia

    RockCorps has expanded to Australia with our friends at Optus. Thousands are earning tickets to the best shows of the year. You should be one of them! Give, Get Given.

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  • France

    RockCorps et Orange font grandir le movement, à Paris et à Marseille- et à ce jour 30 000 inscrits nous ont rejoint. Pour en savoir plus sur RockCorps en France- "Tu Donnes, Tu Reçois"

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  • United Kingdom

    Tens of thousands of volunteers have taken part in the UK RockCorps movement. We will be back soon with many opportunities to Give, Get Given.

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  • USA

    Give 4 Hours Get 1 Ticket. The RockCorps movement started here. 35,000 volunteers - 13 cities. We're coming back soon, and in a big way! Watch this space.

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