How it all started…

One person, one show, one city at a time – we are crazy enough to think we can change the world.

We started as 7 friends around a pasta dinner a few years ago in Los Angeles, California.

Inspired by the aftermath of 9/11, we, like many others, felt this was a great time for people to pull together, get to know each other, build neighborhoods and have fun doing it. We wanted to figure out a way to work with brands that would channel the power of music and celebrity towards making volunteering a part of youth lifestyle – just like sports, music, fashion and gaming.

As RockCorps continues in cities throughout the world with cool companies connecting with youth to make volunteering fashionable, we are reminded of how core and universal the desire to give back and have fun really are. And that gets us out of bed in the morning….but not too early.

  • Stephen Greene, CEO
  • Grady Lee, COO
  • Chris Robinson, Creative Director
  • Haley Moffett, Head of Production
  • Toby Garrett, Head of Projects
  • Noel Eisenberg
  • Paul Hunter
What makes this organisation so special is that it makes volunteering a little bit fashionable, and I like that idea. Lady Gaga