Maroon 5 in México City!

Maroon 5 join Buchanan’s Tiempo para Compartir volunteers in Mexico City to help paint a local school,  and then play an incredible, VIP concert for 2,000 volunteers at Plaza Condessa!

The atmosphere at the Plaza Condessa, was electric, having the buzz of 2,000 people that had given their time to help others and rewarded with a concert devoted to their effort.

The DJ kicked things off whilst Buchanan’s flowed to get everyone jumping inside this stunning venue.  Suddenly the lights go down and the presenters for the night take to the stage to welcome the opening act Javier Colon, winner of “The Voice” competition.  The crowd goes crazy.

Next up, the main event, the internationally renowned, Maroon 5!  They burst onto the stage with incredible energy, blasting straight into their latest single ‘Payphone’, sending the audience into a frenzy.  The show keeps building with a mix of songs from their latest album and their older stuff. An amazing rendition of ‘This Love’ had everyone singing along and as they closed with ‘Moves Like Jagger’, there wasn’t a single person not dancing along.

Recognising the volunteers, lead singer, Adam Levine said: ‘I know what you have all done to be here and thank you’ and so do we.

Tiempo para Compartir!