Florence Avenue
Los Angeles

Jose worked across the street from an empty lot that turned for the worse. He took matters into his own hands and did something about it.

Not far from the Rodney King riots in the early 1990s, this vacant lot on Florence Avenue in Compton, California was an eyesore and place of mischief in the community. It once housed homeless people who had moved on leaving the lot riddled with trash and debris. It was also the site of hard drug dealing and usage. Many people in the community had been complaining about the condition of the lot since it is right in front of a heavily used bus stop.

Jose called RockCorps and helped organize 80 people to come out to clear 1000 bags of debris and cement over this 1 acre lot. A new mural was painted near the bus stop and the lot remains clean to this day. Community policing efforts were stepped up to match the improved site. Nice work, Jose!