RockCorps Japan celebrates 5 years in style!

The 1st September saw over 4,000 incredible RockCorps Japan volunteers come together to celebrate a summer of hard work!

Volunteers took part in over 100 projects around Tokyo and the Kanto region – plus continuing the restoration work in the Tohoku region. Non-profit partners included the Shibuya Flower Project, Greenpeace Japan, Forest Lifestyle Research Institute and Tokyo Bay Beach Club to name a few.

Our artists didn’t sit around either and got stuck in volunteering at a number of projects.

Excitement built early at Makuhari Messe on the morning of the concert as the entrance hall was filled with volunteers discovering the memorabilia and photos of 5 years of RockCorps volunteers in Japan.

RC_会場雑感 (9)

Miliyah was first up on stage and opened the concert with a bang.

RC_加藤ミリヤ (9)

Next up was Blue Encount, followed by a very colourful set by

RC_BLUE ENCOUNT (10)RC_でんぱ組 (21)

Keytalk followed with a high energy rock set and got the crowd jumping.


Our lovely hosts Takamina and Kelly Ryusuke thanked the volunteers, including a special award to one of RockCorps Japan’s most dedicated volunteers. We also received a very special message from the Governor of Fukushima to thank the volunteers for all of their hard work.

RC_高橋みなみ、ケリー隆介 (11)

Finally, the very talented Ellie Goulding took to the stage and delivered a perfect, memorable set – topping off a fantastic summer!

You can catch the show on Abema TV on September 29th!

「RockCorps supported by JT 2018」ボランティア_エリー・ゴールディング_10「RockCorps supported by JT 2018」ボランティア_エリー・ゴールディング_12RC_エリー・ゴールディング (15)RC_エリー・ゴールディング (12)RC_エリー・ゴールディング (10)