Infos à Gogo

An old and crumbling building standing proud in the Northern neighborhoods of Marseille and waiting to be reborn… Dozens of enthusiastic volunteers ready to penetrate the place and acquaint themselves with two decades of pigeons’ occupation… The energetic and dexterous fingers of a skillful DJ over the sound mixing table … Marseille, 3rd & 4th of July 2010, a weekend to remember!

For many years, “Infos à Gogo” (a French expression that means “unlimited information”) has been working towards social insertion, by promoting values like tolerance, solidarity and respect. Their mission involves preventive action against delinquency and their main goal is to improve the life of the neighborhood by providing socio-educative assistance and tools to enhance its youth. Despite its amazing work, the association has been occupying a very small office for past years. But right next-door stood a huge, yet empty (except for pigeons) three-storey building.

“Info à Gogo” had been eager to utilize the uninhabited space, but with no means to do so. So … 3 projects, 12 hours, almost 200 RockCorps volunteers later, plus a whole lot of energy, the building got an extreme makeover and in they moved.

The first group sweated greatly as they washed the floors, scraped off the walls and peeled off the wallpapers in every room. Then a second group filled up the numerous holes in the walls to and sanded the windows’ frames on each floor. And on the third project, the final group washed and painted all the walls of the three-store’s building… all in sync to the beats of the RockCorps resident DJ.

Enthusiasm and dedication was the motto. The groups crossed and followed one another, the workers changed but not the motivation. The transformation showed and with it, the keenness of everyone and new shared experiences.

Pigeons, dust, broken glasses, torn wallpaper… that’s history! For very soon, and thanks to the relentless efforts of the young and hard working volunteers, “Infos à Gogo” will finally move in!