Macaq: Ferme pédagogique

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Macaq : Ecological Farm

Paris, Montmagny

Macaq : Ecological Farm
 Paris (Montmagmy) On a sunny Sunday afternoon, in the woods of a Parisian suburb, 170 young volunteers (along with ducks, chickens and rabbits!) came to help transform an ecological farm. DJ First Mike had never mixed in front of such an audience!

Aimed at pacifying violent young people, entertaining elderly ones and hosting artists, the farm of the MACAQ association (acronym for “cultural and artistic neighborhood bustling movement”…which means “macaque”) was like a countryside paradise for most of the volunteers – many of them having never seen such an array of animals. The challenge was huge : painting with bright colours inside an artist’s residence, drawing animal shadows on a shed and on ecological toilets, plowing a field and clearing the vegetation around – and only 4 hours to achieve everything!

Amidst the general excitement and crazy atmosphere, the charity’s team shared doubts: “How do we paint? Look, the walls are crumbling off!!”. But abilities were utilized to the max and friendships grew: Gaelle was a painting expert, Maud was handy with the trowel as a virtuoso and David was able to dance with his stepladder while painting. The group became a league and a few hours later, walls were perfectly painted and cleaned; they even had time to give a hand to the group who were transforming the garden.

It gave them a taste of renewed motivation. Tools and tasks changed but not the rhythm. Undergrowth became meadow… let the cows move in!
… That’s the power of music and volunteering!