RockCorps Japan 2015 – celebrates with thousands of volunteers

Back for RockCorps Japan’s second year in Fukushima and it didn’t disappoint! Over 3,500 passionate volunteers worked incredibly hard around Fukushima and the Tohoku region.

Four years on after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami,  many areas are still badly effected and in need of care. We are very pleased that RockCorps has been able to play a part in the recovery – in the way RockCorps does best.

To celebrate the work, the volunteers were joined at the Azuma Recreation Center by Puffy Ami Yumi, Home Made Family, Mika Nakashima and the brilliant

photo 1Puffy Ami Yumi

L_MG_アタリ0240Home Made Family

photo 3Mika Nakashima


photo 5

photo 6