Orange RockCorps 2015: Marseille, Toulouse, Paris and Lille

It’s been a busy year for Orange RockCorps in France. Kicking off with the fourth RockCorps visit to Marseille in April. 500 volunteers celebrated their hard work with Youssoupha and DJ Myst La Legende.

The crew then headed to Toulouse where 600 volunteers created amazing transformations at 11 local NGOs, using up 326 litres of paint, 220 brushes, 114 rollers, 3000m of masking tape and recycling 161 wooden pallets. The volunteers were joined by Soprano and DJ Houss for a fantastic night at Le Bikini on the 20th May.

Next stop was Paris and a return to Le Trianon. 1,500 very enthusiastic volunteers put in 6,000 hours of work at 20 NGOs across the city. They were rewarded by an unforgettable show featuring Cut Killer, Big Flow and Oli and Youssoupha before closing the show with the brilliant A$AP Rocky.

Finally, 500 volunteers in Lille earned their ticket to see Soprano, Monsieur Carlton and New School. An incredible way to round off Orange RockCorps France 2015!

A$AP Rocky


Orange RockCorps Paris 2015 à Aurore (5)